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With three offices in Québec, Demers Beaulne is the first business consulting firm in Québec to obtain a B Corp Certification. The firm offers a full range of finance, accounting, and tax services, as well as organizational support and digital solutions. Organized on a human scale, it is made up of passionate people who are committed to the success of each one of their clients. Its association with Moore’s global network provides a unique understanding of the industry allowing them to offer, their trusted clients, global growth.

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MISSION and values

Be inspired
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Through innovative financial services and tailored products, we provide a daily source of added value for SMEs. We support and advise our clients to quickly take them to the next level, both locally and abroad.
Nothing less.

5 values that say a lot about us

Our commitment

Commitment is more than just a concept. It’s an energy that drives us every day, a sincere desire to make a significant contribution to achieving our common mission and goals.


It’s embedded in every aspect of our work and our relationships. By showing genuine interest in people, we cultivate healthy, rewarding relationships. In a world where differences can divide, respect is what unites us.


A state of mind; a state where everyone strives for continuous improvement and openness to change in an environment that allows us to think outside the box.


We adapt to the needs of each of our clients and their entrepreneurial challenges. We welcome change and innovation with open arms. We welcome change with open arms.

Working together

Collaboration is our driving force. By working together, we strengthen our team, share our knowledge and deliver high-value solutions. This dynamic collaboration keeps us competitive and relevant.


When we put our heart into it,
anything and everything is possible

Our story begins in June 1979 when Jacques Demers and Paul Beaulne, two experienced CPAs, decide to take a big business leap and establish their own business unlike any other, invested in local SMEs. The firm primarily focuses on obtaining government subsidies to enable many entrepreneurs to grow in a flourishing province of Québec. And that’s just the beginning. Driven by success and especially by that of the people who trust them, the Demers Beaulne duo quickly become a family, a big family rather, multiplying and growing its certification and tax services, and brilliantly exercising its role as consultants at all times.

Today, with more than
300 employees,

we are a reputable consulting and accounting firm recognized for how closely we work with our clients.

International network

228 offices in 112 countries

It is very simple; you deserve the best, therefore we have surrounded ourselves
with the best.

Our association with Moore’s international network provides access to the expertise of more than 25,000 professionals and industry specialists across 112 countries who understand the local specificities, and collaborate with us to ensure your projects are successful internationally.

What is the Moore network?

Moore North America (Moore NA) is an association of accounting and consulting firms and a member of Moore Global Network Limited (Moore Global). Moore NA members are separate firms based in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Moore NA does not provide professional services of any kind. Services are provided by Moore NA members, who are not legally bound to each other.

Moore NA members are not full members of the Moore Global network. Instead, they have access to Moore Global members and resources through their Moore NA membership. This arrangement enables Moore NA members to retain their unique names, brands and identities, who, through their membership of Moore NA, gain access to a reputable source of industrial and technical expertise to serve customers active nationally and internationally.


Always well informed

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