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Key ingredients for business success include
its credibility with partners.

A standards-driven team
allowing you to concentrate
on your projects.

Fragile and precious, this credibility is crucial, especially for financial partners. Working with auditors who specialize in your sector and business reality, and who are recognized by financial institutions and lenders, contributes greatly to your credibility and performance.

Whether at the request of your shareholders, to comply with regulations, to satisfy the demands of your creditors or to obtain the financing you need, the quality of your financial information is the cornerstone of your success.

Our team of CPA auditors has an established reputation for rigor, competence and professionalism. We keep abreast of constantly evolving standards and the particularities of your industry, so you can concentrate on your projects.



While your attention is focused on your company, your financial partners’ attention is focused on your financial situation.

In addition to meeting the increasingly demanding and diversified requirements of various external users, our professionals offer additional insights to your team. With the objective of contributing to the objective analysis of your performance, we support your team in reviewing your business processes.

The result of the audit is recognized credibility with your creditors and detailed, personalized recommendations tailored to your business, which can be implemented as soon as they are received.

Our teams work with experts to systematically contribute to the quality of your financial operations.

Review assignment

Credibility is vital, but so is trust in business. Well-completed financial statements increase your investors’ confidence in your company, and our specialists are there to make sure they are.

In some cases, an audit report on the financial statements is not required. However, this does not exempt you from issuing financial statements that comply with generally accepted accounting principles.

In addition to special reports, Demers Beaulne can provide you with the following specific reports:

AUDIT ENGAGEMENT: This report is designed to provide assurance that the financial statements are free from material misstatement.

REVIEW ASSIGNEMNT: Analytical procedures and discussions to assess the plausibility of your financial information.

COMPILATION ENGAGEMENT: By transmitting your documents to our team, your chartered accountant ensures the arithmetical accuracy of the data grouped together in a single report.

Our experts rigorously carry out review engagements in accordance with current standards, because we firmly believe that the quality of our work is the cornerstone of our commitment to your financial success and the trust you place in us.

Financial disclosure

Our team of financial disclosure advisors takes care of producing peak-period financial information so that you’re always up to date at key times of the year. Access to high-quality, available and up-to-date financial information is a real advantage.

These services essentially represent support for your organizations, whether public or private, in the preparation of your financial statements and annual reports. Not only does this increase your credibility and that of your organization, it also facilitates and accelerates the progress of your projects.

After carrying out their mandate, our experts make recommendations concerning your financial reporting processes, so that you can benefit from support for the continuous improvement of your activities.

    • Preparation and review of financial statements
    • Notes to the financial statements
    • Management reports
    • Support for the preparation of financial reports for banking and transactional purposes
    • Calculating performance indicators
    • External and internal audit management


What is an audit assignment?

An audit is an opportunity to give your company a clear, objective view of its financial health. When you engage a qualified accountant to carry out this assignment, you benefit from an in-depth review of your financial statements, internal procedures and accounting practices. This enables you to make informed decisions, boost your investors’ confidence and improve your performance.

What is a review assignment?

A review assignment is a professional service provided by an accountant to evaluate and analyze your financial statements in depth. When you hire an accountant for a review assignment, he or she will perform analytical procedures and limited verifications to assess the plausibility of your financial information. The main objective of this assignment is to provide moderate assurance on the accuracy and reliability of your financial statements, thereby strengthening the confidence of your stakeholders and facilitating informed decision-making.

What is a compilation mission?

A compilation mission is an essential service offered by an accountant to help you organize and present your financial data in a clear and consistent way. When you hire an accountant for a compilation mission, he or she gathers your financial information and presents it in the form of financial reports, such as financial statements and summary tables. This professional compilation will provide you with reliable and accurate financial information, facilitating informed decision-making and communication with your stakeholders.

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