Moore Stephens


Major projects are often necessary to take your business to the next level.

Internally, this may involve a major reorganization or a stimulus plan. Externally, it may require merging with a competitor or a partner—or perhaps making an acquisition. In both cases, rigorous preparation is required before moving forward.

Our transaction team is comprised of experts in various fields. They will assist you with each stage of the process by providing relevant information, a solid and credible plan vis-à-vis financial institutions, and advice tailored to your sector of activity. Let’s make the best deals together!

Our business valuation experts focus on the context of your transaction, your priorities, and your business sector. Our services include: the determination of fair market value, advice as to the fairness of proposed financial transactions, purchase price allocation for accounting purposes, etc.

No matter what the strategy, our team’s goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and maximize your investments.

Your attention is focused on your projects, but your creditors are preoccupied with your financial situation, your projections, and risk analysis.

The success of your loan application is based on the presentation of your situation, your potential, your business strategies, and much more. Our professionals will assist you in structuring your information, developing your business plan, and canvassing. Not only will we help you find the required funding, we’ll ensure that your project is viable.

x Financial Modeling
x Business Plan Development
x Funding Searches
x Negotiation

Sometimes organic growth isn’t enough to achieve your business goals. You may need to consider buying or merging with another company—or even a competitor.

Such transactions require a tremendous amount of meticulous preparation and analysis. Our experts will ensure that your purchase or sales decision is profitable. We can assist you with risk analysis, fair price determination, organizational structuring, etc.

x Family Successions
x Start-Up Businesses
x Investment Projects
x Price Determination
x Value Optimization

A multitude of factors can affect your company’s financial situation and put you in a difficult position.

It is important to rapidly take stock of the situation so that you can consider all possible solutions. Our experts will help you accurately assess the situation, evaluate feasible options, and develop an action plan.

We will do everything in our power to assist you in pursuing your business activities while you work to maintain a healthy and viable financial position.

x Restructuring and Financial Reorganization
x Funding Searches
x Financial Analyses
x Security Assessments
x Recovery Plans

Whatever the nature of the proposed transaction, due diligence is an essential step in mitigating the risks involved in the exchange.

Obtaining a financial, legal, and qualitative point of view is essential not only for negotiation purposes, but also for ensuring the success of your transaction. Our experts will provide you with comprehensive, reliable documentation so that you have all the relevant information you need at your fingertips.

Areas of Intervention
x Finance and Risk
x Accounting and Accounting Systems
x Taxation
x Legal Requirements

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, expertise in property valuation is a valuable asset. We can assist you in your decision-making process and ensure that your transactions are successful.

Our real estate market experts analyze physical, legal, and economic data to accurately and transparently identify the many facets of any real estate assets that you own or hope to acquire.

x Purchase and Sales Pricing
x Contesting Property Assessment
x Real Estate Financing
x Tax Reorganization
x Real Estate Investment Projects