Moore Stephens


Human resource management includes a wide variety of activities that your staff is not always in a position to handle. It is sometimes best to delegate certain tasks to experts.

Our team offers diverse services: we can help you comply with CNESST guidelines and standards and increase your productivity while freeing you from daily HR activity management.

Activities related to the CNESST often require technical management and can take up an inordinate amount of your staff’s time. In many cases, it is advantageous to turn to prevention mutuals to provide a safe and healthy work environment for your staff, ensure compliance with various laws and standards, and benefit from reduced rates.

Our team can relieve you of the comprehensive, day-to-day management of these activities by enrolling you in a mutual and taking charge of your prevention and rehabilitation activities as well as your compliance and financial obligations. Furthermore, our mutual is among the most successful in Quebec and enables you to benefit from competitive rates.

Your human resource team will be able to concentrate on projects that are meaningful to both you and your employees.

It goes without saying that health and safety management is a top priority for all companies. Nevertheless, such activities may involve both time and administrative costs.

Delegating responsibility for health and safety record management is a practical and cost-effective solution. Our team’s expertise will enable you and your employees to dispense with records management, improve your prevention activities, promote faster returns to work, receive advice in keeping with the regulations in force, and enjoy considerable savings.

x Prevention Program
x Case File Representation at the Administrative Labor Tribunal (ALT)

Pay equity is a large part of your overall talent remuneration strategy. The subject is often quite sensitive and merits a great deal of attention since several key elements must be reconciled, such as your company’s culture, your business objectives, and the existing regulations in force.

This issue can be quite challenging. Our team thus proposes to study the trends, market indicators, comparables, conditions, and benefits offered in order to establish a policy that is customized, compliant, and efficient.

The Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition, better known as the “1% Law,” is a real benefit to companies. It enables the latter to take advantage of knowledgeable, competent, and up-to-date employee talent.

Nevertheless, the law requires employers to comply with regulations, activity eligibility criteria, declarable sums, etc. Our team will oversee the management of these tasks and assist you in optimizing your skill development plans.