Moore Stephens


Regardless of the circumstances, recourse to forensic accounting services is a crucial first step if you find yourself facing potential or actual allegations. Our services will help you maintain a climate of trust and transparency while minimizing your vulnerability and reputational risk.

Whether you’re looking to prevent or manage a situation, our team of forensic accountants will provide you with both financial and legal advice. Our forensic accountants are diligent, impartial, and—most importantly—credible experts in the field.

Disputes during commercial transactions are common. If your reputation or large sums of money are involved, it may be necessary to seek expert advice.

Our team will assess the grievance, estimate the value of quantitative and qualitative losses, and provide you with a detailed report. You can then benefit from our team’s reputation, credibility, and expert testimony in court.

Dispute Resolution
x Breaches of Contract
x Shareholder Disagreements
x Expropriation
x Wrongful Conduct
x Bodily Injury
x Family Disputes (divorce, succession)

Numerous situations require financial investigations. From fraud schemes to breaches of trust, you need an expert to shed light on the facts by collecting and analyzing the evidence.

Our professionals are among the most trusted in the field. Known for their capacity to look beyond false pretenses and uncover fraudulence, their insight and discretion make them worthy allies.

Their expertise has enabled them to develop several internal control and fraud prevention strategies adapted to various contexts, so that you have the best possible protection.

x Fraud Schemes
x Tax Evasion
x Conflicts of Interest
x Corruption
x Breaches of Trust
x Accounting Data Manipulation
x Fraudulent Bankruptcies
x Money Laundering