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At Demers Beaulne, we are convinced that our actions and our work ethic can positively influence the world around us. This is why we are very proud to collaborate with Moore Social Ambition and to be the first firm in Québec to have obtained the B Corp Certification.

B Corp

What is
B Corp Certification

Awarded by the B Lab Association, the B Corp Certification is for organizations that want to make a real difference. Being a Certified B Corporation means knowing how to generate profits, but also benefits for society and the environment via the most demanding criteria in terms of performance, social responsibility and governance. It’s a guarantee of excellence across the board.

Excellence in consulting

Excellence in consulting

  • Strive to provide high-quality accounting services
  • Seek to provide sound strategic advice
  • Help manage our customers’ finances efficiently
  • Contributing to the growth and stability of businesses
Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

  • Recognizing our responsibility to the environment
  • Taking tangible steps to reduce our footprint
  • Committing to sustainability through recovery
  • Minimizing electronic waste
  • Extend the life of your IT equipment
  • Encourage more efficient use of resources.
Community involvement

Community involvement

  • Giving value back to our communities
  • Take an active part in local initiatives
  • Offer educational seminars and workshops
  • Strengthening the skills of local entrepreneurs
  • Supporting local growth and empowerment
  • Supporting our community through our social mission
Collaboration and inclusion

Collaboration and inclusion

  • Recognizing the power of diversity and inclusion.
  • Fostering a culture where every voice counts
  • Support innovative ideas
  • Tackling challenges from a holistic perspective
  • Working with our customers to understand their obligations
  • Co-creating solutions tailored to your needs
Measurement and transparency

Measurement and transparency

  • Promoting accountability and transparency
  • A commitment to regularly measure our impact
  • Reporting our impact with concrete data
  • Monitoring our progress towards a sustainable future

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