Moore Stephens

Catherine Beaulieu


Manager, Assurance


Now, and ever since I started my career, seeing my clients thrive has been my biggest motivation, as well as the opportunity to change something in their field. I love seeing the passion in their eyes when they are explaining their projects and involvement in society. Furthermore, I enjoy deeply the satisfaction of finding a solution to the most complex of mandates! These elements all give me a purpose in what I do for a living.


I appreciate interacting with people from fields other than accounting, because I get to learn the process and methods they used to get to where they are now. I also work and learn with startups, and it brings me joy every time I accompany them in their development, requests for subsidies, and more. Alongside startups and growing companies, I like to discuss and give suggestions on procedures to implement so they can improve their internal processes. Our work gives us a broader perspective and allows us to give better advice for the development of the company.