Moore Stephens

Julien Toupin


Senior Manager, Assurance

CPA auditor

In my earliest memories, I played as a little businessman with a miniature suitcase my grandfather had given me. I’ve always been fascinated by entrepreneurs whose genius ideas come to them in a flash, combining the simplicity of common sense and the complexity of limitless ideas—a bit like accounting, actually.

What I love most about my job (besides rounds of golf) is identifying tax saving opportunities and getting feedback from my clients that they’re happy to be working with me. I always keep up with the latest trends and make sure my clients are informed about the most recent practices and can take advantage of all available tax credits. I coach my team and my clients all year long to perfect their working methods and streamline processes.

My most impactful professional experience came to me out of the blue while I was washing my car. A neighbour offered me a role as a part-time instructor at a CEGEP vocational school. It was a fantastic opportunity to guide students who had chosen to pursue accounting studies in the evening after work. They had a boundless desire to learn. This experience showed me that with determination, there are no boundaries to the goals we set for ourselves.


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