Moore Stephens


Managing growth inevitably involves innovation, research, or development projects. Once your strategy is in place, funding must be considered.

Optimized tax credits and tax incentives are great stepping stones. For optimization to occur, scientific and tax expertise are essential.

Our team is dedicated to maximizing your tax credits and managing your requests. Our group of engineers and tax specialists will scrutinize your past, current, and future projects and deal with government authorities and regulations. We’ll do what it takes to help your business flourish.

Transfer Prices

Transfer prices are an essential element of cross-border trade. They are important to both your company and the tax authorities.

When your business model includes transactions between your manufacturing, distribution, after-sales service, research, and development teams, etc., it is essential to ensure that transfer prices are configured to properly assess their profitability and compliance with the regulations of tax authorities in the countries in question.

Our team develops transfer pricing policies and provides audit and advocacy strategy support. We’ll help you understand the tax issues involved in your international operations and maximize your profits.