Moore Stephens


Our southern neighbour is often a primary destination when it comes to commercial exports.

Although the United States is a neighbouring country, it has its own tax system (with distinctive federal and state requirements). As a result, you must plan your operations well to ensure that you are in compliance.

Whether you are thinking of establishing your business in the United States or have already done so, we can assist in developing a strategic corporate structure to support your goals and help you develop your commercial activities. We can optimize your tax burden for business-to-business transactions and guarantee the compliance of your tax returns.

x Filing tax returns
x Optimizing tax rates
x Interpreting the Canada-US Tax Treaty
x Optimizing your corporate structure
x Proposing finance strategies
x Assisting with net repatriation of surplus
x Assessing transfer prices
x Assisting with cross-border tax reorganization
x Negotiating with US tax authorities
x Assessing US sales taxes
x Providing expatriate services