Moore Stephens

Our manifesto.

At Demers Beaulne, we invest in people, in our people.

Quality of life

We invest in the quality of life of each employee in order to nurture their creativity and professional and personal development.


We invest in the ambition of our people so that everyone can realize their full potential and achieve great things now.


We invest in our culture and our ways of doing things well by ensuring that we adopt the best diversity and inclusion practices to offer our people an environment that reflects them.

6 months a year (July to December), your weeks are reduced to 32 hours.
disconnection from electronic communications on evenings and weekends at set times.
An amount is offered for your mental and physical health. Things like a ski pass or your painting lessons may be eligible.
more than one week added to your vacation schedule.
everything is set up to receive your feedback anonymously.
Our efforts are focused on all the pillars, but our strength lies with the people.
We work with our international network to train our teams, open up their horizons and offer them borderless projects.

Our values,
we live them.


To our team and our customers.


To our team and our customers.


To our team and our customers.


To our team and our customers.


To our team and our customers.

  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Agility
  • Engagement
  • Respect

Because for us,
work is more than a job,
it's part of a way of life.