Moore Stephens

Mylène Daviault


Senior Manager, Assurance

CPA auditor

Ever since I was little, people have been telling me I should be an accountant because I’ve always loved numbers. There’s no way anyone else could be the banker in Monopoly. Numbers were my thing! With experience, I can confirm that accounting has opportunities that go way beyond columns of numbers.

It’s also about helping visionary entrepreneurs succeed in various industries, listening to their needs and building lasting relationships with them, which helps me better understand what they’re struggling with so I can adequately meet their expectations. I’m motivated by tackling interesting challenges and adapting to diverse contexts.

I’m driven to get to the bottom of things and I pay close attention to details. These defining characteristics are part of my everyday life, guiding my career path. What matters most to me is being about to grow in an environment where continuous learning is important. Plus, I’m always ready and willing to help a colleague shed light on an accounting mystery.


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